Workplace Wellness

Day Course - We offer day courses for your business, introducing the basics of personal and professional wellness practices for your employees. Through discussion and engagement they finish the day with a better understanding of mindfulness, easily integrated health practices, everyday gratitude practices, mindful movement motivators, and an overall new approach to inviting health & wellness into their workplace, their personal lives and the lives of their families. Happy, healthy employees contribute to a positive work environment, take less personal/sick days, and are more productive overall.

Convention Presentations/ Conference Speaking - Working with you to offer your employees an engaging, thought provoking experience during their convention/conference.

Laughing Yoga


We offer in-house wellness assessments of your work environment, employee experience, and corporate conscientiousness.

Our observation practice is meant to mimic your employees true experience of their day to day work environment.

Our methods integrate both personal and professional wellness practices meaning your employees find balance in their work/life experience, seamlessly finding mindful and healthful approaches to realize their most successful, fulfilling and joyful daily practices possible.