Mindful Movement, trust me on this one.

So here we are, in the age of club memberships and yoga pants and home gyms and streaming online classes and the guy down the street who just 'started running' and doesnt look too happy about it.

So whats the deal with exercise?

Well, for this purpose, lets call it Mindful Movement, already for some reason, just changing the word approach to it seems to take some of the pressure off, right?

The truth is, movement is absolutely incredible for us. Our bodies thrive on moving, we are meant to walk and bend and get out of breath sometimes and exert our strength sometimes. Our bodies are meant to be moved, and pushed, and although it may sound like a chore, I can guarantee you, if ignored, the real chore will come much later when your body decides that the 'move it or lose it' rule applies and all of a sudden you no longer have the choice to take the stairs, because you truly cannot.

Movement not only protects the longevity of our bones and muscles and cardiovascular system, but it also offers you focused self care. No one can move for you, in your choice to move your body you are choosing yourself, at least for the duration of the activity, and that choice of self is going to do more for you mentally and physically than you can ever imagine.

There is a concentrated success in the decision to commit to self. Your brain loves that you are focusing on you, on preservering the thing it is working 24/7 to keep alive (gee thanks for the assitance George). Your mind is allowed to slow down and focus on simply what's happening right this moment, something that it generally does not get to do all that often (we literally have a million other things to think about) and your soul....well, your soul finds a whole new level of love for your life once mindul movement becomes a practice you offer to yourself on a regular basis.

Putting yourself first in a way that is truly benefical to your whole life is a catalyst for seeing the development of wellness and balance in your life. Your outlook, your mood, your thoughts, your reactions, your sleep, your health, your responses and your overall sense of accomplishment is affected by a simple walk, or spin class or an hour of yoga.

Give yourself the gift of mindful movement and watch your life begin to change.

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