Ancient Nutrition - Help or Hoax?

When it comes to the topic of nutrition we all seem to have a bit of a pre-conceived notion on what we think 'healthy eating' is.

But what if we move beyond just the idea of kale and lean protein.

What if we look at food as medicine, and I dont mean alternative to the western medicines that are administered in times of real medical trouble, I mean food as lifestyle medicine.

The daily consumption of something so common that we barely think about it as a benefit or detriment, we are merely just eating, what's the harm in that?

Well, if you look at anything that compounds and adds up over time surely our most common activity can most certaintly add or detract from its intended outcome, our health.

Think about it, we eat on average 3 times a day (plus maybe a couple of snacks), what else do we do 3 to 5 times a day? The consistency at which we consume food is actually pretty astounding, if I exercised, did my laundry, or read a book 3 to 5 times a day things would look very different in many areas of my life.

So once we wrap our heads around the regularity of this food habit, we then can take a real look at how all of this good food or bad food might add up and equal a pretty steadfast outcome in our bodies and health.

Healthy food preference seems to be a bit 'fad-y', one minute healthy fats are in, the next we are consuming nothing but lean proteins, we are told fruits are good for us and then told they have too much sugar, that we should avoid carbs but that whole grains are the basis for stable nutrition, where do we even turn to get the end-all-be-all real story on good nutrition. Well, thats where the ancient part comes in.

When we look back over history the basis of good nutrition, food as medicine, has some undeniable truths.

  1. Eat from the earth. Plain and simple, if it grows in the ground, on the ground, or in a tree or bush, it's good for you.

  2. Mind your meat. Animal consumption was never meant to be easy. Trust me, if you had to hunt and catch, and then skin and divide an animal on your own, it would be a much rarer occasion that you sink your teeth into a steak or a salmon.

  3. Bread is not bad. Humans were meant to figure out how to forage, and grind and bake bread from the grains of the earth. But as with all foods, truest to its natural origins is best for you.

That's pretty much it.

Oh and water - the earth provided us water to drink. Thats what we're intended to quench our thirst with, not 'from concentrate, sugar added, syrup added, colour added, sugar water'.

Ancient nutrition isn't really ancient at all, sure it's been available all along, but its most certainly available to us now, in easier access than it's ever been. The question is, do you allow your food habit to be your harm or your help?

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