Life Wellness

I implement a whole person (Holistic) approach to behavior change, stress reduction, emotional healing and physical well being.

I guide/coach people towards living a more purposeful life, managing stress, finding their unique gifts, engaging in connected relationships, having work/life balance and taking much better care of their bodies and minds.

Meeting clients where they are and building behavior models that assess readiness for change & success, directing them towards health and wellness in their everyday lives including: physical activity, nutrition, sleep hygiene and monitoring mood for depression and distress.

Smiling Young Woman
Yoga at Home


Mind/Body connection is no more evident than it is in physical activity. I choose to include Yoga Therapy as the physical element of my program because it explores all connections of our physical journey through wellness, its teachings offer deeply mindful benefits. We explore meditative yoga & breath-work practice, it also extends to offer true specific mind/muscle connection, core strength awareness that is required through all stages of life.

Yoga is the perfect pairing of mind/body connection.