My journey began just as yours is...

In search of something more.

I was in the midst of the darkest moments of my life.

I intuitevely started my path to healing without even the understanding that my process was all but saving my own life.

It was not intentional, it just was.

I was not even capable of a plan at that point, I was just barely hanging on, existing only because my heart kept beating and my lungs kept inflating, and truthhfully there was not alot more to it.

I was so incredibly traumized that I was brought down to the basics, existing on only 1 channel as some would call it.

And then I went for a walk, in the trees, for a long time.

And then my mind and my heart and my soul asked me to do it again the next day, and the day after that.

And so began my path...

"When it comes to the topic of healing and self love Kyla Knight has completely transformed not only physically, but mentally, emotionally and spiritually as well.

After some serious traumas, she took a good look at what it means to be honestly happy, to develop skills that carry us through life and place us among the mentally strong and physically peaceful.

Her journey is one of self-love, self-realization and the acceptance that we are the 'soul' proprietors of our own happiness."

Now formally trained in professional Health & Wellness coaching, I guide/coach people towards living a more purposeful life, managing stress, finding their unique gifts, engaging in connected relationships, having work/life balance and taking much better care of their bodies and minds.